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Mobile Application Development

Cliffchord Technologies LLP

Mobile Application Development Services


Cliffchord Technologies offers a full range of the mobile application development services. We know how to create the application which will take the top charts of the App Store by storm or will become reliable companion app of your field force workers thus helping bring your business effectiveness to the next level.

The mobile application is one of the strongest marketing weapons to outreach customers, increase leads and to generate more traffic. The mobile app is the best channel to define your business brand, service you deliver and the products you sell.

We create intelligent custom mobile applications for your business from concept to completion. We have a great expertise in areas relating to Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, Sports and off-course Travel !

If you are looking for best mobile app development company to develop an app as per users perspective, Cliffchord Technologies LLP is the best company to work with.


  • Planning & Strategy


  • UX Concept & Design


  • Front and backend development


  • Testing & Quality Assurance


  • Consulting & Support



    Dedicated Team


  • Affordable Cost


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Mobile App Development


We are one of the best mobile app development companies that excel in native app development for long. Since inception, the company is engaged in the development of mobile application on Android and iOS platform.

Mobile applications developed by Cliffchord Technologies are not only robust and secure but, it also supports multiple OS and versions. We follow the best development approach which helps developers to plan development sprints and to make revisions in a swift manner.

Our development team ensures that a developed app meets the requirements of your business and also adds value to the user’s life. This makes Cliffchord Technologies LLP stand out as one of the best apps development companies.


App Development


Are you looking for the trustworthy development service provider who can research and implement the most advanced features for your application that your competitors don’t have? You came to a right place. Our experience in many domains of IT gives us a capability to create innovative solutions. No matter if you need building everything from scratch or, for example, implement OCR features in the existing product – we got it all covered.

We have worked on dozens of projects for different industries and business domains. We are ready to leverage that experience to deliver more value to your mobile app and enhance the final result with the innovative ideas we have learned during all that years in the software development medium.



Our team knows how to develop the most advanced application that runs smoothly on any platform leveraging all power of the languages and frameworks for the native mobile development, utilizing strong points of each OS and avoiding its weaknesses.


Whether you’re a startup company launching the first version of your product or an enterprise company who needs a cost-effective transition of the business software into the mobile app – we make sure that your cross-platform application will work perfectly on all devices.


Having a great product or business software that is needed to be introduced to the wider audience on the mobile devices? We can help. Our UX, UI, and frontend software engineers will transform your solution into the excellent mobile application that is a joy to use.


Designing Phase

  • Step 1


    We guide you through this stage using our standardized proven approach to effectively collect your functional and nonfunctional requirements.


  • STEP 2


    We write and brainstorm the user stories and approve the user flow with you to make sure that app performs its primary tasks and looks good.


Application Development phase

  • STEP 3


    We create the attractive and clean design cleverly bonded with the application functionality using strong sides of each platform.

  • STEP 4


    Using the software development best practices and trendy technologies we create reliable server side for your app.


  • STEP 5


    We wrap up the backend and UI into the fluent application. This stage is divided into milestones each delivered for your acceptance with the demo.


  • STEP 6


    Final version undergoes through the series of manual, automated and user acceptance test to eliminate all potential flaws and then we launch it. Existek guarantees post-launch bug fixing and support warranty period.





Application Strategy

Application Strategy

Our Mobile app can help increase the productivity and help you to utilize the resources.

  • Exclusive app structure keeping your users in mind
  •  Customization of different platforms for an app
  •  Use Best mobile app development tools keeping future in mind
  •  Friendly policies for your app development process
Application Design

Application Design

We will transform your app idea into an extraordinary design. The prototypes & wire-frames of the mobile app are designed as per the specifications of business standards by our experts.

  •  User-friendly UI/UX
  •  Deliberation about the graphics
  •  Raw prototype of the application
  •  Finalizing the wire-frame design
Application Development

Application Development

The process of mobile app development needs creativity, skills, and viability all together. Whether you want to go with iOS, Android or Windows app development, the essential key to success is to have following elements during app design & development method.

  •  Front end development
  •  Backend development
  •  Solution based approach
  •  Simplified coding
  •  Various OS support
QA and Deployment

QA and Deployment

Our qualified and experienced QA team works the Standard and automated mobile app testing & analysis. We assure quality more than anything. Get a glitch-free, established and approved mobile apps with us.

  •  Experienced quality examiners
  •  Security testing
  •  Compatibility testing
  •  Testing for software integration

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