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Website Design and Development


We have the skills and knowledge required to get you and your business set up online. We are passionate about what we do, resulting in delivering a beautifully designed, solidly built website that will serve your business well and last for years to come.

Cliffchord Technologies offers the best in market web design and development stack.

  • Planning & Strategy


  • UX Concept & Design


  • Front and backend development


  • Testing & Quality Assurance


  • Consulting & Support



Web Design


With an impeccable eye for detail, we are committed to providing knockout website designs that not only look great but are user-friendly and functional too.

User experience is also a significant aspect of any website. We always design our websites to be clear and a pleasure to use by paying particular attention to how efficiently a user would find navigating your site and locating the crucial areas.

Creating multiple design concepts, we go with the approach that we think works the best for you and develop it until it is perfect for your needs. We will keep you updated throughout the design process and will invite you to view the page mockups as and when they are ready for your feedback. Once we know you are 100% happy with the mockups for your website, we can sign off the web design stage and move onto web development.

Web Development


When it comes to web development, the Cliffchord team pride ourselves on building all our websites to industry standards, using the latest technologies and best practices. We construct each of our websites to a high quality with clean, robust, reliable code. Every bespoke site we create is entirely from scratch, resulting in a solution that is tailor-made for your specific requirements. Scalability is a priority for us during the development of your website. We will build your site with the potential for it to grow as your business grows. Get in touch with us, and we will easily be able to make the necessary changes to keep your site up to date with your evolving needs.

  • A sharp UI matched to design mockups with pixel-perfect accuracy
  • A uniform UX across the entire application
  • Stunning animations and effects that don’t compromise performance at any given stage.

Responsive Web Design



With the majority of website users browsing the internet with a mobile device nowadays, we understand the importance of responsive web design. A mobile-friendly website that looks great and functions on a smartphone or tablet can be the key to its success.

Every website built by Cliffchord is fully responsive and mobile-friendly as standard. We believe all modern sites should be developed to accommodate different screen sizes and resolutions as standard. From the web design stage through to web development, mobile-friendliness is always a priority. We ensure each element adapts accordingly and looks great, no matter the mobile device used.

We will build your website using the latest in responsive web design and development practices, so you can relax knowing that your users and potential customers will be getting the best possible experience from your mobile-friendly website.

Website Optimisation


A speedy website is paramount for good user experience. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, the chances of a potential customer leaving too early will be high. It is also known that a slow loading website will impact its SEO; a fast website will help you get ahead of the competition.

Each website Cliffchord works on goes through our robust, tried-and-tested optimisation process. For example, your site will be developed to be streamlined for fast delivery of content, and all images uploaded to your site will be optimised for the web. These are just a couple of the performance techniques we will carry out.

If you are already a website owner and are looking to improve your page speed score, and in turn speed up your website, we will analyse your site’s speed, and from the results, produce a report and advise on the areas that need optimisation. We can then make the necessary changes to your site that will improve your page speed score.



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