• Cliffchord software development team strives to develop fully tailored and user-friendly software solutions to improve business services and increase user engagement.
    • Free 6-month support for any of the products we develop and deliver. No hidden costs.
    • Available 7 days a week from 10 A.M – 10 P.M
    • Free support and training sessions on Email and Voice.
    • Automated support software Ticketing system followed in Support Team for easy access.
    • Cliffchord builds a team around your custom needs and projects to ensure that your business is scaled.
    • Intellectual Property Rights: In order to ensure that Your Idea stays yours, we undergo a strict agreement and sign the same to secure your exclusive idea and ownership of the codebase and other deliverables.
    • R&D coverage: At any given stage if you face any pivot or any roadblock, we have ensured that you are all covered. This includes at any given stage of the development cycle or support needed.
    • A 6-month warranty obliging us to fix major and critical defects discovered upon project completion.
    • We know that software projects only work if the technical team communicates effectively with the non-technical stakeholders, and we’re good at this. 
    • We always try to explain technical concepts and possibilities in ways that you can understand and we digest most business requirements quickly, which is what a technology partner should do.
    • We’re happy to get involved right at the start of a project, helping to clarify requirements and advising on the choice of technology and technical feasibility in your bespoke software solution.
    • We track requirements and phase out the software delivery in a transparent way. We have great product management tools to keep all communications open anytime and always.
    • We perform user-centric analysis to align the overall experience with your business goals and user needs
    • We understand that your digital project doesn’t finish when the software solution goes live.
    • We want to work with you for the long-term and we can provide support, maintenance, hosting, new features – everything you need to keep your project up to date.
    • Over that time we’ve gained a huge amount of experience delivering successful software solutions into production.
    • Artisanship

    We take pride in what we do and are always looking for new challenges and learn. This helps us to improve our powerful R&D curve, continuous internal sessions, and regular visits to industry. This has resulted in that you can count on us to propose the best combination of the technical stack to solve the business software needs.

    • Trust

    We are always open and trustworthy and that has resulted in some great relationships in the software industry. We combine these values into our low-risk development process. The client has maximum visibility into the project status. We take full responsibility for what we deliver — until the job is done and beyond. All this is achieved by mutual and open communication and trust.

    • Adaptive

    In the modern business scenario, product development requirements can change rapid­ly. Being agile by mindset, we are always ready to accommodate a changing requirement, suggest the best methods to achieve those goals and master the best technical framework that suits the business model.

    • Teamwork

    We are a group of a tightly-knitted, enthusiastic team. Being agile we have the best combinations of engineers who will quickly take over the requirement and transform it into a shippable product. This is so seamless that we are really proud of our teammates.